2020 Dose By Growth EMS Standard Pediatric Emergency Tape
Medications you carry, doses you give, and visual aids you can use! The 2020 Dose by Growth’s EMS Standard model is designed specifically for paramedics and  completely compatible with the color/weight zones of the Broselow Tape. Listing only EMS specific...
2020 Dose By Growth PALS Pediatric Emergency Tape
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) medication and dosage recommendations  Compatible weight-color zones with industry standards (i.e. Broselow Tape) Lists mL volume of administration for commonly used med concentrations Visual aids: Burn charts, Parkland formula, lb to kg conversion table, GCS,...
2024 Alameda County EMS Custom Tape
Official 2024 Alameda County Custom Tape Compatible weight-color zones with industry standards (i.e. Broselow Tape) Custom designed to 2024 Alameda County EMS Protocols Top quality: Tear, water, and chemical resistant, Safe to wash/disinfect with common medical equipment cleaners
EMS Mini Pediatric Emergency Tape
Improved Accuracy – Incorporates 2014 CDC NHANES data sets vs. others still using 2007. No folds or creases that skew measurements. Quicker Weights – Retractable design & smooth operation means no more unfolding large Length-Based Tapes. Quickly accessible with compact design that fits easily...
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