Are You Pediatric Ready?

Obtaining a child’s weight quickly and accurately is paramount in administering the proper care during an emergency. Dose By Growth offers an array of proven tools to assist you in providing the best care possible while eliminating common opportunities for error.

Our 2024 Pediatric Emergency Tapes

2024 EMS Standard Pediatric Emergency Tape

Our EMS Standard model is designed specifically for paramedics. Listing only EMS specific medications creates room to include those medications regularly used, yet omitted from other tapes.

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Featuring Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) medications and dosing recommendations. Instill confidence knowing that medication dosages are calculated based on the latest AHA PALS updates.

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EMS Mini Retractable Pediatric Emergency Tape

Our #1 Method for pediatric weight estimation during emergencies. Use as-if operating a standard tape measure. Pull tab-end of tape (clearly stated with blue shaded ‘Start’ section) from the retractable case.

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