2024 Dose By Growth EMS Standard Pediatric Emergency Tape

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  • UPDATED FOR 2024 - Featuring EMS medications and dosing recommendations.
  • VISUAL AIDS YOU ACTUALLY USE – Pediatric/Infant Burn Chart, FLACC & FACES Pain Scale, Pediatric/Infant GCS, APGAR Scoring Chart, Infusion Drip Charts, LBS – KG Conversion Chart, Poison Control Contact Info, etc.
  • NO ADDITIONAL TRAINING NEEDED - Completely compatible with the industry standard weight-color zones allows for seamless integration into your system and requires no additional training. The Dose By Growth Tapes can be deployed into the field immediately.
  • TOP QUALITY CUSTOM FORMULATED MATERIAL: Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. with tear, water, and chemical resistant, Safe to wash/disinfect with common medical equipment cleaners.

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